About us

The Strax Project is owned and run by pure car enthusiasts, it’s who we are and what we live for.

Founded in early 2019, The Strax Project has since delivered car enthusiasts with a home, a home where it doesn’t matter what you drive, what you look like or who you are. The goal is simple, we just want to bring car lovers together and embrace the modified car culture as a community.  

At heart Strax is an automotive brand, specialising in automotive accessories, clothing and parts. Every day we are working hard to work with more companies to offer our community so much more than other clubs and organisations do. This is our USP (unique selling point) if you like…    

We didn’t just want to be yet another car club or shop. But we sill wanted to do both of these things, so that’s where the combination of both came in. Not only can we offer the public our shop but we can offer our members special discounts, opportunities at car shows and even more. We have tried to cater for everyone and we are always listening to our audience. 

Where are we heading? Well we’re still a rather new brand. But our main aim is to keep growing and the end goal is to be a respected brand and club in the car scene. 

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